MAHES prasad

Leader and Advocate.

I’ve built a career helping clients invest in their financial future, and a life leading my family and community to invest in each other. 

I bring dedication, passion and drive to everything I am committed to.  I believe luck is something we create through a combination of hard work, relationship building and perseverance. Through servant leadership, empathy and a commitment to growth, the development of people and community are at the core of what makes me who I am. 




Who is in your Ensemble?

Ensemble: all the parts of a thing taken together, so that each part is considered only in relation to the whole.  Ensemble comes from the Middle French word ensemble, which means “together, at the same time.”

I am a Wealth Management Advisor who works with a team of professionals that have drastically different, but complementary, disciplines in Wealth Management.  Together we form an ensemble team that provides holistic advice spanning the spectrum of wealth management needs.  As a team, we not only serve clients but also support advisors in growing their businesses, along with other professionals in the fields of tax, trusts, estate planning, and philanthropy.



ABOUT My practice

Where Independence and Opportunity Intersect

Managing extraordinary wealth requires straightforward advice, clear insight, and intelligent strategies that go beyond investment performance. We are transparent in our decision-making, objective in our guidance, and open in our communication to manage, preserve, and grow our clients’ wealth. Above all, our understanding of how our clients define “success” is the foundation of our business.

A few things I believe in:


where we overlap

Meghan Markle said it best:  I am more than an ‘other’.  Growing up as a bi-racial individual in America has given me a unique perspective on race, equality, discrimination and fostering inclusion.  I am an ardent D&I advocate.


investing in our world

Years ago as a college student, I came to Arizona for the sunshine, mountains and weather. Now, as a father of two, I am compelled to help preserve and protect one of the most beautiful states in the nation.   

HEALTH AND fitness

true wealth is health

In addition to being financially fit, it’s equally as important to be physically fit. All anyone has is time, having a healthy life provides us with time to spend it with people who matter.

Years of Leadership Experience

I’ve spent over 20 years leading multidisciplinary teams in Corporate and Non-Profit arenas (sectors)

years of broad Financial Services experience

I’ve spent over 20 years serving on non-profits as a volunteer, a Board Member and in Leadership capacities.

Years of Financial Services Experience

I’ve spent over 20 years in Banking, Brokerage, Private Banking, Investment Advisory 


Years as a Father and Husband

 I’ve spent over 20 years married to my best friend and enjoying my time as a father to two amazing young women. 

Always looking ahead

embracing change.

The advisory industry and sustainability movement are changing rapidly.  Disruptive technology, increased visibility and strategic partnerships are creating fundamental change.  Thankful to be a part of embracing that change by supporting and leading efforts in the communities I am a part of.

upcoming events

Here are a few events I’ll be attending in the coming months. If we see each other I’d love to connect!




It has always seemed to me that many times in business, government and community that sustainability had to be a “trade-off between the planet versus profit”. You can either have sustainable programs, buildings, products, etc. or you can go the opposite direction to chase profits and success. I don’t believe that our society has to choose any longer. I know that sustainability programs and initiatives can, and do now, intersect with businesses ability to profit, governments ability to help communities thrive, and allow all of us to achieve a better world.

what we say matterS

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Multiculturalism doesn’t divide. It encourages belonging!

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